There will never be a ‘right’ time

I have always been a planner. Nothing in my life has ever been haphazard. I am intentional, focused and painstakingly organised in my thinking right down to the last detail. When I do something, it was a long time in the works. All this, I believe, is a good thing. Except that sometimes it isn’t.

You cannot plan for the perfect time because there is no perfect time. And that’s the problem with being a planner. You struggle with spontaneity and become rigid to your timelines. The very idea of things happening that you didn’t plan for throws you off. You believe you can control everything, but the reality is you can’t.

The right time is what you make it

Sometimes you have to take the risk even when everything isn’t perfectly lined up in your favour. Give that business venture a shot and believe in your ability to land back on your feet if things don’t work out. Apply for that position that scares you, you’ll be surprised at how capable you truly are. Go on a date even when you don’t feel like it. If you feel emotionally and financially prepared for a child, don’t deny yourself that amazing experience.

Many of us miss out on opportunities because we have our minds set on the right time. While I’m also a proponent for some level of preparedness, caution and a dose of realism, I’m learning that spontaneity and the ability to take calculated risks can open doors and lead to the most rewarding life experiences. It won’t happen overnight, but it can happen if you intend it to.

The right time is what you make it, and trust me its worth it.


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