Help! I’m addicted to sugar

Bar One cheesecake, gourmet milkshakes, chocolate brownies, Tin Roof ice cream, custard, apple crumble and rich hot chocolate. I could go on, but these are just some of my favourite things. I’ve tried, I really have but I tend to give into sugar cravings. I never did understand that species of human that is able to turn down dessert. Who does that? But more importantly, how do they do it?

The most successful I’ve been in cutting down on my daily sugar intake is by limiting myself to two cups of tea a day, in which I take one teaspoon of sugar per cup. To drink my tea, or that occasional cup of coffee, without any sugar whatsoever, would make me a very miserable somebody. But it isn’t so much the cups of tea that concern me, it is my weakness for fresh bread and other carbohydrates that I need to rein in. We all know that carbs such as bread, once digested, are converted into sugar when broken down in the body.

Sugar is the sociopath of foods… It acts sweet, but it’s really poison — Karen Salmamsohn

So how, dear people, can I wean myself off sugar and carbs in a way that doesn’t give me insane withdrawal symptoms? Because that is the challenge, the withdrawal symptoms!

I am an active person who is reasonably fit and healthy, but even I know that running 8 kilometres but still taking in as much sugar as I do, completely defeats the purpose of trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle. How then does one create a balance between being healthy and still enjoying your favourite treats without all the guilt that comes with it?

Let it be known that I love food. Don’t let my small frame fool you — I eat, a lot. I can’t do bland food, nor am I the salad-eating type. But for someone who’s skin is prone to breakouts and a family predisposed to diabetes, I have to do better. So what’s a girl to do? Those of you who have managed to find the middle ground, what’s the secret?

Featured image: Jennifer Pallian/Unsplash

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