On being #blessed and living to impress

About a year ago, I was what they would call: down and out. I was unemployed, on the brink of losing my car and dead broke. I had resigned thinking that I would get a job within 3 months. Naive, I know.

But what I realised about being down and out is that people treat you differently, whether it be family members, friends or even strangers. When I had all the material things, the fancy car, money to go out, looking up to date from head to toe, people would always want me around them. But it rapidly fades away when you lose such things and look a certain way.

We, mainly people of colour, have fallen into a trend of making debt look glamorous. When all it really is, is a good credit record to qualify for this debt at the bank in the first place. Yet, there are people are out there flaunting their top of the range cars, with pictures mostly at dealerships (ribbon on car with key in hand poses) and branded clothing on social networks with captions such as “God is good”, “Blessed and highly favoured” and so forth.


So make me understand this, is God good because you qualified for the credit or because you are more popular than you were yesterday when you didn’t have much?

Look, don’t get me wrong, I know you can’t save overnight and afford an expensive car, but why are we the generation that makes saving so uncool? Why are we the generation whose parents don’t advise us about money unless it’s a black tax conversation as an adult?

It’s quite funny how it has become the norm to measure up success according to material things. Why are we so stuck on this trend? What is wrong with owning property before a car? What is wrong with owning something instead of leasing or financing? Why are we so quick to upgrade and remain constant with material things?

If one wants to get out of debt he should act his wage — Anonymous.

This seems to be impossible for most people. I am yet to see someone put it out there that they bought something big, such as a car, cash. I am tired of us patting each other on the back over debt instead of talking each other out of it.

The only debt I would ever condone at this stage of my life is for a house. I’m saying this because, and without making excuses, I wish someone had advised me to invest in property instead of cars.

We are smart enough to know where we went wrong and I am grateful that I got my wake up call so early in life so I can change my ways. I am looking forward to being a stress-free, debt free young woman who does not put material things in her life and I am blessed to have friends that share the same sentiments as I do.


Featured image: Robert Haverly/Unsplash

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